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This course begins with learning to read and write the Arabic language. Next, create the student knowledge with necessary subjects from the Arabic grammar. In the course of the course is coming more and more attention to conversation. There is also the possibility to pay attention to Arab culture. This course is ideal as preparation for a vacation to an Arab country.



Topics include greeting, meet, ordering in café or restaurant, business card, telling about yourself and about Netherlands. The conversation takes place by means of simple questions that students to ask and answer each other.
Every now and then will be a reference shall be made to the different dialects. There is also attention for the Arab morals and customs. During a course can the participants themselves also other topics to discuss.
For a good result is making about four to six hours of homework as preparation for the les necessary.
The study book (s) through the bookstore or the Publishing House to purchase, but also at the beginning of the first lesson for the same price at the teacher. Other teaching materials you can obtain at the teacher for a small fee.


If you think a group training may be too general to reach your specific personal aims or if you do not have the time to follow a group course, an individual tailor-made course would be ideal for you. You can make great progress with only a limited number of private lessons and specific self-study tasks.

For more information on any of our courses, please get in touch. We can arrange a free consultation.

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