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Here are some comments that past students have said about the courses

“For the last 1.5 years, I have had the privilege of working with Mr. Khaled. As a beginning student, starting with a foreign language as intriguing as Arabic can be daring. During the classes, Mr. Khaled accomplished explaining the structure, grammar, and nuances of the Arabic language. His style of teaching is a combination of all competencies including hearing, reading, speaking, listening, and conversing. Background information is provided, and exercises are corrected during the interesting classes. Mr. Khaled’s knowledge reaches further than any teacher’s. Therefore, I can highly recommend Mr. Khaled as an Arabic teacher”
Felix Eijsbouts, Zeewolde (, 2022


“Mister Khaled’s Arabic lessons are a terrific way to learn the language. In his own unique way, he guides students through the subject. Khaled knows how to adjust the learning speed and study difficulty for each specific student. Due to the way, he structures the lessons, the study becomes more fun and challenging the further you progress.
In the four years, I have followed lessons from Khaled, I have come to know him as an exceptionally reliable and calm teacher who knows how to make people enthusiastic about the Arabic language.”
Simon Buck, Amersfoort (, 2019


“I have known Mr. Khaled since 2006 when I started attending his Arabic classes via the Volksuniversiteit Amersfoort and I have been his student since then (2014).
At all times, I have found Mr. Khaled to be a dedicated teacher, with high but realistic expectations from his students but always willing to adapt to their preferences. He is as helpful and supportive as possible.
I appreciate his patience, accuracy, knowledge, and skills, and he truly enjoys it when his students make progress. His lessons are educational and fun at the same time.”
Marleen van de Groep, Amersfoort (, 2017


“I have enjoyed the lessons of Khaled for more than three years. Although I could speak the Moroccan-Arabic dialect, I could barely read fluently. I also could not write something in Arabic. The lessons of Khaled made me stronger in Arabic grammar and I improved greatly. Khaled adapts to his students, and because of this, you learn what you would like to learn (and even more).
Khaled tutors his students with a lot of enthusiasm, and he tries for them. He expects the students to try as well. His lessons are highly active, because of the effort from both sides. During the lessons, you will not only learn the language, but you will also learn a lot about Arabic culture.
I recommend a course of Khaled to anyone who is eager to learn the Arabic language nicely and efficiently.”
Ikrame Zbairi, Dordrecht (, 2015


“I took courses with Mr. Khaled for over 4 months. I very much appreciated his dedication and enthusiasm. I learned a lot, and I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn Arabic to have him as a teacher.”
Sandra, Den Haag Special Tribunal For Lebanon, 2013


“I have been taking the Arabic language intensive lessons with Khaled for about four years now in Utrecht. Depending on how much effort you wish to spend, it’s possible to not only understand quite a bit of spoken Arabic but also write and read MSA (Modern Standard Arabic). I’m pleasantly surprised that this is going that fast. Khaled is a master at teaching, he clearly can explain the grammar of both Dutch and Arabic very well and due to his native tongue, it’s easy to learn the ‘strange’ Arabic sounds/words from him. I’ve taken an additional course ‘Arabic Culture’ with themes like the economy, politics, kitchen, and language/dialects which gave me, even more, depth into the Arabic world.
Thank you, Khaled, I can recommend you as an expert in what you are doing!”
Heidi de Bruin, Ermelo (, 2011

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