Your instructor is Mr. Khaled K.H. 

First-degree lecturer in Arabic language and culture.
(A graduate of the Netherlands; work experience since 1987)

 K. Khaled

By studying at Arabish.nu you study with Khaled H. Khaled, a native speaker of Arabic who has 36 years of experience in teaching Arabic working alongside the Public University of The Hague, Dordrecht, and Amersfoort. He also worked for three years at Babel Language Institute in Utrecht. As well as he worked for Special Tribunal for Lebanon and International Criminal Court.
Khaled was taught teaching principles at The University of Amsterdam and has also gained a TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) certificate from Leiden University. Khaled is from Egypt and lived in Amsterdam and The Hague, Netherlands for 49 years so has a wealth of experience of the Arabic language and culture. Khaled has experience in teaching individuals and groups including private companies, public sector organizations, and non-profit institutions. A course with Arabisch.nu and Khaled H. Khaled is the best way to understand more about Arabic culture and language, besides the Arabic Calligraphy and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA).

Curriculum Vitae






City, Country

 3 years

Teacher training Arabic First Degree

University of Amsterdam   

Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

 2 years

Management training

ISWB Institute           

Houten, the Netherlands     

 4 years

Teacher training Arabic Second Degree

High School of  Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

 3 years

English Language 

American University in Cairo

Cairo, Egypt

 5 years

Electrical Engineering

Al-Azhar University

Cairo, Egypt


Training courses



Year      City, Country

The grip on your capital (3)


2014,     Elsevier, the Hague, the Netherlands

Social Media


2014,     Public University, Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Business Process Management, ‘bmp 2013


2013,     Houten, O&I Management Consultants, the Netherlands

The grip on your capital (2)


2013,     Elsevier, the Hague, the Netherlands     

Teaching Arabic as a Foreign language (TAFL)


2013,     NVIC, Cairo, Egypt

      The University of Leiden, the Netherlands 

The grip on your capital (1)


2012,     Elsevier, the Hague, the Netherlands     

Intensive individual language training course in Dutch


2011,     Institute Regina Coeli, Vught, the Netherlands 

Summer school training “ Profiler yourself, ”
“ More influence on yourself” and “ Mindfulness ”


2010,     Van Harte & Lingsma, Leiden, the Netherlands      

Orientation on Extra-curricular Learning


2009,     Kenniscentrum Handel, Ede, the Netherlands

Perspective on health care


2008,     ISO, Gouda, the Netherlands

Identify and plan of action


2007,     HCO, the Hague, the Netherlands

Life style


2006,     Meppel, the Netherlands

The policy of aggression and violence


2005,     The Hague, Netherlands

Teachers coaching


2004,     Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht, the Netherlands  

Students Guide and Tutor


2003,     The Hague, Netherlands

Dealing with fear, resistance, and aggression


2002,     CPS, Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Computer lab modules (action, carrier Plus)


2001,     The University of Chicago, United States of America

Expert CITO Exam Development


2000,     Cito, Arnhem, the Netherlands

European computer driving license (ECDL)


1999,     The Hague, Netherlands   

FrontPage 2000


1998,     Compu’Train, Drachten, the Netherlands

First Aid 


1997,     The Hague, the Netherlands



1996,     The Hague, Netherlands


Work experience




City, Country

2022 – to date

Lecturer in Arabic

Ministry of Justice and Security


 The Hague, Netherlands

2022 – to date

Lecturer in Arabic



 Amersfoort, Netherlands

2022 – to date

Trainer Arabic Language (beginners to advanced) (The training and the course were given in the English language)

OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) for The United Nations


 The Hague, Netherlands

2019 – to date

Lecturer in Arabic



 Amsterdam, Netherlands

2019 – to date

Lecturer in Arabic



 Niijkerk, Netherlands

2018 – to date


Bureau Sworn Interpreters and Translators Act


 The Central Government of the Netherlands

2018 – to date

Teacher of Arabic (elementary to advanced level)

Public University


 Gouda, Netherlands

2014 – to date

Lecturer in Arabic

The Square Mile

 Leiden, Netherlands

2009 – 2012

Teacher of Arabic (elementary to advanced level)

Babel Language Institute

 Utrecht, Netherlands

2009 – 2010

Trainer Arabic language (The training and the course are given in the English language)

Special Tribunal for Lebanon (Stl-Tsl) for the United Nations 

 The Hague, Netherlands

2008 – 2009

Trainer Arabic language (The training and the course are given in the English language)

International Criminal Court (ICC) for the United Nations 

 The Hague, Netherlands

2007 – 2010

Lecturer in Arabic (for the teachers)

Islamic Foundation, in Dutch Schools

 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2006 – 2008

Lecturer in Arabic

Talent languages

 Utrecht, the Netherlands

2006 – 2023

Lecturer in Arabic

Public University

 The Hague, Netherlands

2006 – 2007

Lecturer in Arabic

Irfan educational center

 The Hague, Netherlands

2005 – 2007

Manager, Arabic Department

Digischool.nl, daughter company Kennisnet.nl

2005 – 2011

Member “Modern Language”

2005 – 2009

Lecturer in Arabic

Public University

 Dordrecht, the Netherlands

2004 – 2007

Lecturer in Arabic

Public University

 Delft, the Netherlands

2004 – 2006

Arabic language and culture course

Hague University, Students Association El Mashriq

 The Hague, Netherlands

1999 – 2001


European Platform for the Department of Education (Arabic)

 Gouda, the Netherlands

1998 – 2006

Member LAVAT (National Association for teachers in the Arabic language)

Secondary Education

 The Netherlands

1998 – 2012

Special teacher Arabic and Exact subjects, Areas Manager, Lab Master, and teachers’ and students’ coach

Johan de Witt College

 The Hague, the Netherlands

1996 – 1998

Project member

Different Freelance projects: APS (ICT), European platform (KPS), translation agencies

 The Netherlands

1991 – 1993


Various research agencies: Nipo, NSS, Team Four, Inter/View, and Ogilvie

 The Netherlands

1987 – 2023

Teacher of Arabic (elementary to advanced level)

Public University

 Amersfoort, the Netherlands

1978 – 1998

Assistant Manager, Manager Logistics/steward section

Dutch Congress Centre

 The Hague, the Netherlands

1974 – 1978


English catering company

 The Netherlands


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