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Many people come daily in contact with the Arab world and its culture. That may have been by, amongst others, their work, the news or direct contact with people from the Middle East. Differences and possible similarities with the culture of the Western world jump quickly in the eye.

If you are interested in the Arab world, you can find out more about in this course. In addition, this course also suitable if you plan as a tourist or for business to travel to the Middle East, but also without travel plans if you are interested in the various aspects of these countries and the population.

The Arab culture includes 27 countries and 350 million people. This course provides a broad understanding of the backgrounds of the habits, norms and values that are also within this culture can vary greatly.

The following themes will be discussed: Arab countries, culture, history, language, media and art forms such as music, wisdom, calligraphy, literature and film. Furthermore, Islam in history and in the present time, the Quran, the position of women, Islam and economics, Islam and other religions such as Christianity.

Within these themes are discussed current developments and events, such as hope and disappointment on the Arab spring, the role of the Muslim Brotherhood, the place of the Wahabism and Salafism, the rising tensions between Sunnis and shiïeten and relations with the West in the past and present.

Per evening, one or more topics are discussed. Adjacent to the subject is time spent on questions, answers and discussion. During the course, participants can also provide other related topics for discussion.

Appropriate study material is provided by the teacher, cost € 19.95 to the teacher.

Arabiaan 2

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